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About the country

In Greece domestic violence is not dealt with explicitly in criminal law but is covered under the statutes governing general assault / offences against the person. In addition there are no specific police guidelines, which means that what the police do in cases of domestic violence is generally determined by their attitudes to the specific issue. The absence of police guidelines has resulted in inadequate levels of reporting, recording and prosecution of domestic violence cases. Battered women have told us about the police's unwillingness to intervene. Many police officers think of domestic violence as a private matter.

Police Training

In Greece there has not been any consistent work with police. The work that has been done to date amounts to 3 short-term sensitisation training seminars (three to five days). These seminars were funded through DAPHNH and ARIADNE Two of them were organised by women's groups, one by the European Women's Network and the other by the Committee Combating Male Violence. The third was run by a vocational training institution. (In the case of the vocational training institution we see how existing funding sources determine the desire of an agency to work with the issue of domestic violence).
I took part in all three seminars. What we need is guidelines that the police need to enforce Changing attitudes is a long-term process that cannot be achieved with short-term training seminars.

Maria Pendaraki,
Committee Combating Male Violence

Research Centre for Gender Equality
2, Mousaiou
GR - 105-55 Athens


Lithuania Daphne Programme from the European Commission
Directorate General for Justice and Home Affairs 
Projects: http://europa.eu.int/comm/justice_home/project/daphne/ 
Evaluation: http://europa.eu.int/comm/justice_home/funding/daphne/documents/report/ex_post_2000_report_en.pdf 

European campaign to raise awareness on violence against women http://europa.eu.int/comm/employment_social/equ_opp/violence_en.html 

From the European Commission:

Domestic violence exists in all countries and across all social classes. It may be something that happens behind closed doors, but it is clearly a problem for society as a whole.
    The launch of a European campaign to prevent violence against women underlines the political will of the Union to curb this sad phenomenon and to coax it out of the closed family environment.

A couple of statistics help to illustrate the scale of the problem:

  • in the EU, one woman in five has at least once in her life been the victim of violence by her male partner;
  • 25% of all violent crimes reported involve a man assaulting his wife or partner.

Every year, thousands of women and children leave their homes because they are victims of abuse. 
    These terrible statistics make it all the more urgent that action is taken in a number of ways.
    Various measures have been taken by the Member States; some EU countries have created 'helplines' to aid the victims, others have organised national awareness campaigns.
    The European campaign to prevent domestic violence against women aims to support and add to these measures.
    The European Commission, in collaboration with NGOs, is supporting a series of initiatives on the ground with the aim of contributing to a change in attitudes.
    At the European level, the campaign is designed to reinforce the message that violence against women is a social phenomenon that involves not only victims and abusers, but also all those who witness abuse, as well as the police, the judiciary, the teaching profession whose role it is to promote non-violence, and the social and medical workers involved in coping with the consequences of violent acts.

The Commission has formulated several messages, addressed to the different target groups concerned:
For male abusers, the messages are:

  • domestic violence is a crime;
  • domestic violence will ruin your life as an abuser as much as the life of your victim, and;
  • help exists if you want to put an end to your violent behaviour.

For women victims of violence, the messages are:

  • break the wall of silence surrounding domestic violence!
  • don't tolerate violence!
  • help exists, find out how!

For all those who witness domestic violence, the messages are:

  • help women victims of violence break the silence
  • help them escape from victimisation!

Lithuania The Daphne Programme from the European Commission
Daphne II Programme to combat violence against children, young people and women.
Directorate General for Justice and Home Affairs 


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