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The Men's Bibliography by Michael Flood

I hope you will be interested to hear that The Men's Bibliography has just been updated. As you may know, The Men's Bibliography is a comprehensive online bibliography of writing on men, masculinities and sexualities. You can find it at: http://mensbiblio.xyonline.net/

I have just added a further 2,000 or so references to the 9,000 references already on the bibliography. On paper, the bibliography is about 465 pages long.

This bibliography is free and for public use. You are most welcome to make use of this bibliography, and to link it to your own web sites. Also feel free to circulate this announcement.

I hope you will find The Men's Bibliography a useful resource for your work and involvements.

Best wishes,
michael flood.
michael.flood(AT)latrobe.edu.au )

P.S. A list of the major categories of the bibliography is below. Please note that sub-categories within each major category listed here cover further important topics. For example, "Violence" and "Sexuality" are both substantial sections with many sub-categories on different forms of violence or sexuality.

2. The best reading on men & masculinities 3. Additional general works 4. Introductory and general writing on gender 5. Men's studies, men in academia 6. Growing up male 7. Fatherhood & families 8. Divorce, separation and child custody 9. Intimacy, personal healing and growth, relationships 10. Men's relations with men, friendship 11. Gay men, homophobia and masculinity 12. Men's movements, groups and services 13. Working with boys 14. Resources for men's groups, activism and social change 15. Counselling and therapy (working with men) 16. Race and ethnicity 17. Work and class 18. Mid-life and ageing 19. Sport and leisure 20. Men's health 21. Men's bodies and biology 22. Spirituality, mythopoetic writing & psychoanalysis 23. Sexuality 24. Reproductive issues and technologies 25. Pornography 26. Violence and responses to violence 27. Men and feminism 28. Men and the left 29. Men's liberation 30. Men's rights, backlash & critiques of feminism 31. Men's language 32. Masculinities in culture and representation 33. Men, prisons, criminology, the law 34. Histories of masculinity 35. Methodology and epistemology 36. Humour

4 September 2000.
michael flood.

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