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Suggested Activities


What can I do to commemorate December 6?

For a successful event, make sure it reflects the interests and concerns of your community or organization. You could organize:

  • An information kiosk on violence against women with the relevant brochures and posters such as the series of information sheets produced by Status of Women Canada for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.
  • A discussion on violence against women at a conference, round table, dinner or breakfast, or a panel discussion with guests affiliated with an organization to fight against sexual aggression, someone from a women's shelter, the police service, the Crown Attorney's Office, etc. Invite a woman who has survived abuse to talk about her experiences.
  • A concert or play on the theme of violence and donate the proceeds to an organization helping women in your community.
  • A vigil or silent remembrance ceremony in commemoration of women who have died as a result of deliberate acts of violence.
  • A fund raising event for a local crisis centre or a shelter for abused women.
  • In the classroom, ask students to work on a project about violence against women. They could write a composition, a poem, a book report, a speech, or do a research project.
  • Organize a discussion around male and female stereotypes and their impact on violence.
  • Set up a display of books and other documents on violence against women in the cafeteria where you work, in your school library or public library, etc.
  • Run a contest of photos, drawings, sculptures or other art on the theme of "a world without fear, a world without violence".
  • Show a film or video on the subject, followed by a discussion. Ask a special resource-person such as a psychologist, social worker, or counselor to help with the discussion.
  • Organize a discussion group on self-esteem and managing aggression with a group of men.
  • Copy the series of information sheets prepared by Status of Women Canada on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women and distribute them free of charge to as many people as possible.
  • Visit the calendar section on the Status of Women Canada Web site to find out about activities happening across the country for December 6. The site also includes links to other relevant sites including the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/

That National Film Board (NFB) and Health Canada's National Clearinghouse on Family Violence offer a selection of videos dealing with the problem of violence against women. Many of the NFB films are available through your local public library as well as a number of sales outlets across the country.

Check the NFB collection on their Web site at http://www.nfb.ca/ (English) or (French). You can also order videos directly from the NFB by calling their toll free number 1-800-267-7710 or (514) 283-9900 (Montreal region only).

Also consult the Web site for the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence


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