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Development Worker to encourage agencies in Edinburgh
to tackle male violence by working with men
who have abused or are abusing their partners.

This work stems from DVPP’s innovative work with men, in court mandated programmes.  However, this pilot project would not be part of DVPP, but instead would be encouraging other services, both statutory and voluntary, who already work with men to adopt good practice in terms of addressing men’s abusive behaviour.

The development worker (dw) would undertake awareness raising on the issue of male violence against women, and would provide training to workers on working with violent men, adopting the DVPP model, which is loosely based on the Duluth model.

The dw would make links with agencies like children and families social work teams, community education teams, the Children’s Reporters Department, alcohol groups and couple counselling services.

This pilot project will develop work undertaken previously under the Daphne programme.  The dw will link with the European Network of practitioners working with men to learn from the experience of other countries, and share good practice.  The dw will investigate whether there is a directory of availbale web-sites on the issue, and will publicise the pilot and its results on one or more of these existing sites.

By the end of the year it is hoped that an active group of practitioners will have formed, who will explore possibilities on how to take this work forward in Edinburgh.

There will also be an end of year report compiled for decision makers at a city-wide, Scottish and European level.  It is envisaged that this could inform current multi-agency work, including the Scottish Partnership on Domestic Abuse, both in the UK and in other European states.


·        To develop an innovative pilot project linking with Edinburgh’s Multi-Agency Strategy on Tackling Violence Against Women, making men visible;

·        To develop European links to share good practice;

·        To increase awareness amongst agencies on the issue of male violence to women;

·        To make men visible in agencies responses to violence against women;

·        To increase awareness on the issue of tackling men’s abusive behaviour;

·        To provide training to workers working with men who are abusing or have abused women;

·        To improve service providers responses to men who are abusive, thus improving services for both women and men;

·        To produce an end of year report of the success, or otherwise, of the pilot project to inform decision makers and share good practice with European partners;

·        By the end of the year of the project the aim is to have a pool of workers who could run a voluntary group for men.

Innovative Nature

This project would be an integral part of a multi-agency initiative to tackle male violence against women.

It would encourage the involvement of agencies not currently involved in multi-agency initiatives

Current provision in Edinburgh divides into two camps: small pockets of voluntary services for men who are violent, which have to charge service users a fee due to lack of funds and thus may exclude groups of men; and the court-mandated system, working only with those men whose behaviour results in a criminal conviction.