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The Brother Peace Twin Cities 



Founded in 1988, BrotherPeace Twin Cities continues to assert that the violence of men against women is a men's issue requiring the efforts of all men to stop the violence.

BrotherPeace Twin Cities believes it is critical for men to help each other develop a sense of male identity that is vigorous and robust, and not violent or abusive.

Today, more than ever, men need to speak out against domestic and sexual violence. Our wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends could be the next victims. We, as men, can make a critical difference by being fully engaged in the efforts to stop the violence.

BrotherPeace Twin Cities Advocates:

  • Men speaking out against the violence of men toward women
  • Men taking responsibility for their behavior
  • Men making positive change in their lives

BrotherPeace Twin Cities Believes:

  • Domestic and sexual violence affects us all
  • Violence is the abuse of power
  • Violence is a learned behavior
  • Non-violence can also be learned

Here's How To Get Involved!

Any amount of time helps the effort to stop domestic and sexual violence.

You can volunteer for any of the on-going BrotherPeace Twin Cities activities which include:
  • Mens' Discussion & Support Groups
  • Speakers Bureau Presentations - making community educational presentations at schools, service groups, and religious institutions.
  • Public Demonstrations
  • Organizing the Annual Remembrance which helps our communities to remember those who have died as a result of a man's violence.
  • Fundraising efforts to support the work of BrotherPeace Twin Cities.
  • The 24-Hour Men's Hotline (in coordination w/ Crisis Connection) to help counsel and refer violent-prone men to resources for healing themselves.
  • Monthly meetings
You Need No Experience to Lend a Hand ... Contact Us

Join Us to Help Stop the Violence!

BrotherPeace Twin Cities
2200 West 66th Street, #204E
Richfield, MN 55423
Internet: ??