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Abusive Men - New Directions


Thank you for your recent e-mail message around the European White Ribbon Campaign and for your interest in our program for Abusive Men - New Directions.

New Directions is a program for abusive men that operates out of and is part of the programming for Autumn House - a transition house/shelter for abused women.  As part of a holistic model, Autumn House provides shelter, counselling, advocacy and outreach services for abused women; shelter, counselling (individual and group) and advocacy for children exposed to family violence, and New Directions - group counselling for abusive men who are willing to take responsibility for their behaviour and are willing to work towards behavioural change.

New Directions offers a 17 week group counselling program based on our own material and "Changing Ways" which is a program out of Ontario.  We would be glad to provide information about our programming if there is anything in particular you might be interested in.  New Directions is one of the six provincially funded men's intervention programs in Nova Scotia.

We are not participating in the White Ribbon Campaign here in Nova Scotia as Nova Scotia has had a "Purple Ribbon Campaign" since 1989. This was initiated by the Women's Action Coalition of Nova Scotia and recently taken on (and revitalized) by the Transition House Association of Nova Scotia.  I have asked the THANS Office Manager to forward to you some information around this campaign.  Funds raised through this campaign go to support Nova Scotia's transition houses (shelters), Women's Centres, and our two Sexual Assault Centres.

Thank you again for your information.

Lyn Barrett Executive Director - Autumn House Chair - Transition House Association of Nova Scotia 

Lyn Barrett

AUTUMN HOUSE offers services to women who have been abused by an intimate partner (husband, boyfriend, common law spouse, same sex partner).THESE SERVICES INCLUDE: shelter for women and children, counselling and information on abuse and its effects, advocacy: help in accessing community resources such as financial assistance, police, lawyers, children's services, etc. accompaniment to court and professional appointments.


AMEND is a nonprofit organization working to end domestic violence by providing counseling to men who have been abusive, advocacy and support to their partners and children, and education to the community. AMEND's mission is to help men stop their violence and break the cycle of abuse so that they and their partners, children, and families may live in safe and peaceful homes. AMEND's philosophy of treatment centers around responsibility: we are responsible for what we feel, how we act, and the consequences of our actions. Many men who abuse their intimate partners feel that they have been provoked to be violent, that what they did wasn't really so bad, that anyone would have done the same, or that the whole event was caused by the police or someone outside the family.