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Information on Fundación Mujeres  

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Fundación Mujeres (Women Foundation) is a Spanish NGO dedicated to develop programs and actions in favour of equality between men and women. Through The Fund for Gender Violence Prevention, Women Foundation works on programs for primary prevention of gender violence in Spain, namely information, public awareness, training of Prevention Agents, publication of educational materials and intervention proposals regarding gender violence.

Fundación Mujeres es una ONG española dedicada al desarrollo de programas y acciones a favor de la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres. A través del Fondo para la Prevención de la Violencia de Género, Fundación Mujeres trabaja en programas de prevención primaria de la violencia de género, esto es, información, sensibilización de la opinión pública, formación de Agentes de Prevención, publicación de materiales educativos y propuestas de intervención sobre violencia de género.


Angeles Alvarez co-ordinates the Fund for Gender Violence Prevention since June 1999. Previously, she has worked for many years in different organisations and institutions on women issues. From 1996 to 1998, she was Secretary of the Violence Commission at the Women Council of the Madrid Regional Government.

Planned actions on the WRC for 2001

  • Following the scheduled activities of the European White Ribbon Campaign.
  • Participation in the video conference to be held at the European Level, first as an assembly for discussion on actions between the partners, and then in the open session with participation of the public and the press for presentation of the Campaign and discussion.
  • Participation in the launching of the Portuguese White Ribbon Campaign, travelling to Lisbon for giving advise.