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Working with Men : Resources

Who are we?
A not-for-profit organisation that supports the development of work with men through resources, publications, training, consultancy and advice and heads a network of trainers and consultants with substantial experience of working with men.

Young Men Talking
by Ken Harland
This booklet is based on a series of interviews carried out by Ken in Belfast early in 1996. Primarily an opportunity for young men to have a say about school, work, being a man, dealing with feelings and receiving support.
95pp, price 7.45.

Boys Will Be ... ?
by Neil Davidson
was first published by Bedford Square Press in 1990 and was seen by many as an essential publication in terms of developing work with young men and, in particular, sex education. This new edition has been brought up to date and aims to address work with boys in the context new 'Sex Education Guidelines'.
140pp, size A4, price 13.95.

"Let's Get Changed Lads"
(Developing Work with Boys and Young Men)
by Trefor Lloyd
This new book aims to assist professional workers to understand and develop their work with boys and young men. Pulling together statistical and theoretical strands, Trefor goes on to suggest ways to develop practice: the book features 12 examples of current practice and an annotated resources list.
190pp, price 10.70

What Next for Men
by Trefor Lloyd and Tristan Wood
The format for this book is a simple one. The 23 contributors were provided with, and asked to respond to, 12 pages of statistics and trends about men which appear as the book's opening section. What nest for Men? has come out of the belief that current policy and practice on masculinity issues generally trail behind the theoretical and media debates, which to date have simply confirmed the increasingly common view that men are a problem.
300 pp Cost 16.00

Working with Men who Batter their Partners
Designed as an introductory text to theoretical perspectives, examples of practice and practice issues, and also suggested further reading.
A5 in size, 52pp Cost 3.80

Breaking In ... Breaking Out
(Social and Sex Education for Men with Learning Difficulties).
A very useful booklet linking men with learning difficulties and masculinity.
A4 in size, 28pp. Cost 3.50

Working with Men
is a quarterly journal that aims to keep practitioners, students and policy makers informed about developments in practice, key debates, books, publications and resources around work with men. Subscriptions run from January to December - with back issues included if taken out during the year:
9.00 to individuals and voluntary organisations
11.00 to local and central government organisations
8.00 each for 10 or more subscriptions to one address

NEW from Working With Men

The Relationship Game
This new boardgame and pack of curriculum materials aims to enable young men and women (aged 14 upwards) to develop awareness and skills in negotiating roles and responsibilities within a relationship. For use with PHSE, youth work and other informal settings as well as post 16 college curriculum.

As all of our materials are, this game and pack have been well tested in a range of settings.
Cost 21.50

Relationship and Intimacy PhotoPack
This is the first of our therned packs to be used in conjunction with our Male Image PhotoPack, or separately with boys in discussions about relationship and intimacy.

These 44 black and white photographs reflect a broad range of relationships (including family, mates, violence, sex, cars, pets, food and drink).

This pack can be used with 14+ in a range of different groupwork environments including schools, youth provision, criminal justice, health settings and personal development courses.
Cost 19.50

New full-colour Boyswork Posters
In 1985 we produced a very successful set of posters, and while they continue to be popular, we wanted to change the photographs and some of the captions. During a two week project, Paul Brown and lain Smith worked with a group of young men to rework and develop the posters. The result is a NEW set of four A2 posters with the strap lines "It's good to be close to your mates", "what's to prove by fighting", "use your head - be your own man" and "we are young, black and responsible"
Cost 15.50

'Safe' is a new 25 minute video whose storyline hinges around the relationships between 3 young black men who live together in the house of one of their parents (who have returned from Jamaica). While the drama will be of interest to young people, its purpose is as a resource, for workers wanting to raise the following issues:

  1. Taking responsibility - in both a practical and emotional sense;
  2. Keeping up a front - the damage and confusion that this can cause;
  3. Being black and male - the interaction of masculinity and race
  4. Risk-taking - both in a negative, harmful sense, as well as in a positive, enhancing sense;

'Safe' will also be of use for those wanting to develop work around health; homophobia; masculinity; race; relationships; and sex and responsibility.

'Safe' can be used with groups aged from 14 to 25, although 15-19 is the primary target group. While we purposely went out to make a video about young black men (African Caribbean and Asian), this does not mean that the target audience need to restricted to this group. Many of the issues raised in 'Safe' are issues for young people and/or young men, and, while there are differences in some of the specifics, there are many issues that young white people will relate to.
Cost 39.95

Male Image PhotoPack
The set of 52, 10" (25cm) x W (20cm), black-and-white photographs of men and boys, reflects different roles (such as fathers and workers), different ages, races, cultures and with abilities. They show men expressing a range of emotions, including grief, anger, fear, boredom and happiness, as well as a range of activities, including car repairing, painting, martial arts, weight training, drinking, talking, playing dominoes, changing nappies and bathing.

The 52 original, high-quality photographs and the easy-to-use 24-page. booklet all come packaged in a strong card box.

The PhotoPack will be of particular benefit it to those workers looking for a resource that will help to start discussions with men and breakdown the resistances that workers often experience with men talking about themselves and masculinity.

The accompanying booklet describes a number of ways that the pack can be used. The PhotoPack has been developed through extensive testing with a wide range of men within probation, health, youth and school-based environments, and with other individuals and groups of men.
Cost 22.00

Fatherhood is Serious Business
This set of 4 posters has been developed out of the recognition that fatherhood and fathers are important, but the role and status of fathers is confusing. Generally, they are described as problematic.

Each of the four A2 posters show a father with a child or children. The set reflect African Caribbean, Asian, and European fathers, with black, white and mixed race children.
Cost 10.00

Order Form: http://www.wwm-uk.freeuk.com/resources_orderform.html


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