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Measures to combat violence against women,
young persons and children.

The DAPHNE Programme, a €20 million Community action programme to fight violence against women and children, is ready to receive applications for the year 2000. €5 million is ready to be spent each year under the Programme from 2000 to 2003. DAPHNE projects cover trafficking and sexual exploitation, all forms of domestic violence and abuse as well as violence in schools and violence towards minority groups and migrants.

The Daphne Programme

The Programme was set up by a Decision of the Council and the European Parliament. It is based on the DAPHNE Initiative, under which the Commission had since 1997 supported 150 projects run by NGOs active in combating violence against women and children.

Commission Antonio Vitorino, who is responsible for the new Programme, welcomed its adoption: "I regard violence towards women and children as a serious breach of their human rights. Although the Member States have the prime responsibility to combat this, the European Community can help by encouraging the creation of networks and the exchange of information and best practice among them. We can also reduce violence by raising public awareness of its causes and consequences."

The new Programme differs from the earlier Initiative in three main respects:

  • it is no longer limited to NGOs and the voluntary sector. Public institutions may now apply,

  • it is open to the Central and Eastern European Applicant States, as well as to Cyprus, Malta, Turkey and the EEA/EFTA countries,

  • multi-annual projects can be funded. Hitherto, projects have been limited to 12 months only.

Mr. Vitorino said: "I particularly welcome the participation of the Applicant States. Not merely do we share with them a common problem in the trafficking of women and children, but their domestic situation will greatly benefit from DAPHNE projects which bring them into contact with EU partners".

The Commission is at the same time announcing details of the 54 projects supported under the 1999 DAPHNE Initiative. [The lists in English and French are annexed.]

The selection procedure continues the practice of 1997 and 1998. The projects are divided equally, both in number and value, between those helping children and those helping women. NGOs in all 15 Member States are involved, either as project leaders or as project partners. A very wide range of activities has been supported.

Of the 54 projects accepted, 18 concern violence against children, 17 violence against women and the remaining 19 violence against both target groups.

Among the projects concerning violence against children, one project analyses the clandestine migration of unaccompanied children and young people. Another trains young people for voluntary work with victims of racist violence, while a third campaigns against bullying and violence against disabled children.

In the fight against violence against women, there are projects to raise awareness in the workplace of problems associated with domestic violence, to create national focal points in the Baltic States to prevent trafficking, and a survey of coverage of violence against women in the media as a basis for recommendations on good practice.

Among the 19 projects assisting both women and children, one project will set up a database of experts to help victims traumatised by violence in war, for example, in Bosnia or Kosovo. A further project seeks to reinforce networks of organisations to combat modern forms of slavery, including women and children who are trafficked for sexual purposes or exploited in the workplace. Others carry out research on risk situations for young people of Muslim background and produce prevention strategies and training for professional groups in the field.


CHILDREN    -     Applicant  -  Member States Involved :

INTERNATIONAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION - EUROPEAN NETWORK (IPPF-EN) - EU, B, E, F, I, Estonia, Poland: Stakeholder review and draft manual of guidelines for preventing and dealing with sexual abuse in institutions.  Roundtables, research, publication.

SAVE THE CHILDREN EUROPE GROUP -  B, DK, E, S, Iceland, Norway: Training, awareness-raising on treatment of young    perpetrators of child sexual abuse;  good practice sharing.  Seminar, training, report, action plan.

FEDERATION NATIONALE DES ECOLE DES PARENTS ET DES EDUCATEURS DE FRANCE - B, E, EL, F, L: Vulnerability study as basis for prevention of violence.  Research, publication of guidelines, training materials.

BUREAU INTERNATIONAL CATHOLIQUE DE L'ENFANCE - B, D, E, F, P:  Training of trainers (multisector) to prevent violence  against children from socially disadvantaged groups.  Training materials, training, publication.

MEDITERRANEAN WOMEN'S STUDIES CENTRE - EL, I, UK:  Studies on detection, training modules for expert  groups and victims, awareness-raising.  Training materials, CD-Rom, video, website, conference.

THE PRESSWISE TRUST - EU, B, UK - (PRESSWIS): Development and testing of guidelines for media coverage of violence.  Research, guidelines publication, training, conference, report.

EVANGELISCHE KIRCHE BERLIN-BRANDENBURG AMT FÜR EVANGELISCHE JUGENDARBEIT IN BERLIN UND BRANDENBURG - D, E, S:  Training of young people for voluntary work with victims of racist violence. Telephone hotline and crisis intervention.  Training, materials, direct action, networking and exchange.

NATIONAL CHILDREN'S BUREAU - A, B, DK, IRL, NL, S, UK, Hungary:  Piloting of methodology on prevalence and  characteristics of young people who self-harm.  Data gathering, analysis, networking.

SOS - IL TELEFONO AZZURRO - F, I, UK: Pilot web-based on-line training for operators  of helplines based on researched minimum standards.  Training, standards, networking.

BERLINER INSTITUT FÜR VERGLEICHENDE SOZIALFORSCHUNG - D, FIN, I:  Analysis of clandestine migration of unaccompanied children and young people. Mapping of response structures. Development of protection mechanisms.  Studies, mapping, multisectoral exchange.

THE FEDERATION OF MOTHER - FIN, UK AND CHILD HOMES AND SHELTERS:  Studies on current knowledge and responses  to domestic violence in schools.  Intervention guidelines for school personnel.  Studies, guidelines, seminar.

BRIDGE CHILD CARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICE - D, EL, UK:  Working conference and report to share learning  on identifying 'dangerous care'.  Conference and report. 

ENABLE - DK, P, UK: Public awareness campaign against bullying  and violence against disabled children, including awareness training of disabled children.  Training, campaign, advocacy.

SAVE THE CHILDREN EUROPE GROUP - B, DK, E, EL, FIN, S, Iceland,  Romania:  Evaluation of prevention tools and methodologies  for prevention of sexual abuse.  Expert meeting. Specialist input to agencies.  Studies, seminar, reports.

CHILDLINE - E, S, UK, Hungary: Directory of youth to youth volunteer opportunities.  Benchmarks/guidelines for people working  for counselling helplines.  Publications, guidelines.

NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN (NSPCC) - B, D, F, UK, Hungary: Study of confidentiality issues in disclosure of sexual abuse.  Multisectoral focus groups, literature search, survey.

ASOCIACION ALTEA ESPANA PARA LA INVESTIGACION Y LA FORMACION EN LA ACCION SOCIAL, ALTEA - E, F, UK, I:  Study of models of multisectoral cooperation in responding to violence and recommendations. Creation of team of experts.  Research, good practice recommendations, networking.

DEUTSCHE KINDERSCHUTZBUND WESTKREIS OFFENBACH e.V. - D, F, NL:  Analysis of linguistic structures and their consquences on domestic violence in school and social context.  Study, training, dissemination  


CENTRE FÉMININ D'ÉDUCATION PERMANENTE - A, B, I, S:  Awareness-raising among media, trade unions, MEPs, political players on issues related to violence against women and children.  Conferences, workshops.

LOBBY EUROPEEN DES FEMMES - EU, A, B, D, DK, E, EL, F, FIN, IRL, I, L, P, NL, S, UK:  Best practice survey as basis for national plans of action and creation of tools for evaluation of measures taken. Studies, publication of best practice catalogue.

RED EUROPEA DE PERIODISTAS ESPANOLAS - E, EL, F, FIN, I:  Survey of coverage of violence against women in print press and radio, as basis for recommendations on good practice.  Survey, seminar, publication of guide for media.

SOLIDAR - EU, B, D, E, EL, F, I, NL, P, UK:  Awareness-raising on the rights of migrant domestic workers. Strengthening of RESPECT network.  Seminars, press events, conference.

LESBEN INFORMATIONS- UND BERATUNGSSTELLE e.V. - A, D, NL:  Data gathering, exchange and networking to develop  prevention and intervention strategies on abuse against lesbians.  Studies, networking, publication.

RR. ADORATRICES ESCLAVAS DEL SMO. SACRAMENTO Y DE LA CARIDAD - E, I, NL, P, Colombia: Legal, psycho-social, medical support to women victims of trafficking. Exchange and networking for increased efficiency of such action. Direct action, exchange, networking.

GESELLSCHAFT FÜR SOZIALWISSENSCHAFTLICHE FRAUENFORSCHUNG e.V. - A, D, DK, NL: Protoype CD-Rom for victims of domestic violence;  training of public service personnel;  development of network of specialists.  Networking, CD-Rom production.

SOZIALPÄDAGOGISCHES INSTITUT FORSCHUNG GmbH - A, D, FIN:  Coordination networks for NGOs working with  trafficked women; multisectoral networks of support to victims;  case management support. Direct action, multisectoral networking.

INSTITUT DE L'HUMANITAIRE - B, E, F, I, P: Training tool for health professionals on conjugal violence.  Creation of NGO and medical personnel networks. Networking, training publication.

IRENE  (INIZIATIVE  RICERCHE ESPERIENZE PER UNA NUOVA EUROPA) -  B, E, F, I, IRL, P, Albania:  Information exchange, networking, coordination of rehabilitation strategies, training to combat trafficking.  Workshops, handbooks, web site, information campaign.

VIE FEMININE - B, F, I: Grassroots awareness-raising campaigns on forms of  violence against women, as protection mechanism. Campaign, exchange of good practice, publication of recommendations.

FOUNDATION OF WOMEN FORUM  - FIN, Latvia, S:  Creation of national focal points in Baltic States to prevent trafficking. Training of NGOs, awareness-raising. Networking, training, information campaigns.

CONFEDERACION SINDICAL DE COMISIONES OBRERAS - E, IRL, S: Comparative study of sexual harrassment in the workplace; dissemination of results through trade unions. Study, publication, conference.

INICIATIVAS Y ESTUDIOS SOCIALES - D, E, UK: Research for creation of a tool to facilitate data collection and programme planning to combat violence against disabled women.  Research, publication of guide.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE INTERVENTION PROJECT - D, E, IRL, UK: Training package and training for organisations working with perpetrators of domestic violence. Training materials, training.

GENERAL, MUNICIPAL & BOILERMAKERS TRADES UNION - E, UK: Workplace awareness-raising of problems associated with domestic violence. Research, best practice compilation, information packs.

GIRAFFA (GRUPPO INDAGINE E RESISTENZA ALLA FOLLIA FEMMINILE AH) - E, F, I:  Creation of group of voluntary associations, legal and public sector institutions, to act against forced prostitution. Research and information campaign, networking.


EUROPEAN FORUM FOR CHILD WELFARE EU, A, B, D, DK, E, El, F, FIN, IRL, I, L, P, NL, S, UK:  Creation of database of human resources in Europe in field of post-conflict aid to women and children victims of violence. Data gathering, database.

INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH - B, S: Network and coordination to help victims and protect potential victims of female genital mutilation. Networking, workshops, database, guidelines, research agenda.

ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE TELEFONO AMICO ITALIA - B, D, I, Switzerland: Information exchange on interventions responding to crisis helpline calls, including multisectoral cooperation.  Awareness-raising, networking, comparative survey.

WOMENS AID - IRL, S, UK: Research on prevalence, extent, impact of  different forms of violence on young people;  help-seeking patterns and access to resources.  Research.

INSTITUT DE RECHERCHE FORMATION ET ACTION SUR LES MIGRATIONS - B, D, F: Research on risk situations for young people of Muslim background;  literature search;  creation and testing of information materials.  Research, publications.

CENTRO DE ESTUDOS PARA INTERVENÇAO SOCIAL - B, P, A: Investigation of role played by women in breaking the cycle of violence against children. Training materials and testing. Study, training modules, training, expert network.

ASSOCIAÇAO PORTUGUESA DE APOIO À VITIMA - FIN, P, UK: Defining standards of good practice in multisectoral support to victims of violence.  Training plan for personnel of victim support groups. Study, training materials.

COMITÉ CONTRE L'ESCLAVAGE MODERNE A, B, E, F, I, UK:  Reinforce network of organisations to combat modern forms of slavery.  Travelling exhibition of European posters on this theme.  Networking, awareness-raising, research.

CITY & SHELTER - B, D, E, F, S, Norway: Reinforce European White Ribbon campaign:  men engaged against male violence. Training and information materials, good practice models.

SOUTH ESSEX RAPE AND INCEST CRISIS CENTRE - FIN, IRL, UK: Collection and analysis of baseline data on rape. Creation of network and development of action plan. Study, networking, action plan.

SANTA CASA DA MISERICORDIA DE SINTRA - I, P: To combat domestic violence, study on vulnerability, training of health and social workers, good practice dissemination.  Study, training, publications, conference.

K.I.D.S. FORUM FÜR KINDERSCHUTZ e.V. - A: Pilot of web-based on-line advice centre for young people. Awareness-raising. Direct action, pilot on-line methodology, report.

TÜRKISCH-DEUTSCHER FRAUENVEREIN e.V. - A, D, E, NL, S, UK: Development of operational network and  comparative analysis in area of violence on ethnic minorities.  Multisectoral information exchange. Joint action plan for prevention and rehabilitation. Networking, study, action plan.

KENTRO APOKATASTASIS THYMATON VASANISTIRION - A, E, EL, P: Research on family violence, awareness-raising campaign, training of professional groups, information exchange. Research, networking, training.

LEEDS ANIMATION WORKSHOP - A, B, I, UK:  Production and distribution of educational  animated video package about violence  in secondary schools.  Research, video package production.

ASOCIACION DE MUJERES JURISTAS THEMIS A, D, E, P, Poland  Conference on violence against migrants.  Guide to good practice and creation of web site.  Lawyers' network. Networking, conference, web site, publication.

VEREIN AUTONOMER ÖSTERREICHISCHER FRAUENHÄUSER - EU, A, B, D, DK, E, EL, F, FIN, IRL, I, L, P, NL, S, UK, Poland: Documentation on prevention strategies and training of professional groups. Train the trainer seminar, database and web site. Publications, database, training, seminar.

ASSOCIAZIONE ON THE ROAD - B, D, F, I: Strategies for prevention of and response to violence in high-risk public event situations. Guidelines, information materials.

ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE VOLONTARIE TELEFONO ROSA - E, F, I, P, UK, Poland, Romania: New models of refuge and response for trafficked women from Kosovo. Training, direct action, guidelines.