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Promoting equality: what do men think?

STRASBOURG, 13.06.97 - How will real equality between men and women be achieved in Europe? That is the question men as well as women are being asked to debate at a COUNCIL OF EUROPE seminar on June 17 and 18.

"Promoting equality: a common challenge for men and women" will take place in the Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg (Rooms 9 and 10, 2nd floor).

Overcoming obstacles to equality will be one of the most difficult challenges for the 21st Century and one of the essential ingredients for the harmonious development of European societies. It requires a redefinition of the respective roles and responsibilities of women and men, which cannot be done without genuine dialogue and collaboration.

One of the seminar's main aims is to raise men's awareness of the need for active collaboration on equality issues. It also aims to raise the problem of men's violence towards women, which is perhaps the major factor explaining inequality between the sexes. Details for the two key themes are:

1. Equality: a positive factor in the evolution of men's roles and of society;

1a. New male roles and their advantages for men and their families;

1b. Equality between women and men: a better life, a better society?


2. Men and violence: the rationale of inequality

2a. Men's violence towards women: the need for men to accept their responsibilities

2b. Patriarchy, war and violence

The opening session will be chaired by Agnete ANDERSEN (Denmark), Chair of the Council of Europe's Committee for Equality between Women and Men. The opening speech will be given by Pierre-Henri IMBERT, Director of Human Rights at the Council of Europe (Tuesday, 17 June 1997 at 9h30). The conclusions will be presented by the general rapporteur François de SINGLY (France) on Wednesday 18 June 1997 at 15h00. The seminar will then be closed by Daniel TARSCHYS, Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

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Founded in 1949, the Council of Europe is the oldest European organisation. Based in Strasbourg, France, it has 40 member countries and covers every policy area except defence. It is entirely separate from the European Union.

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