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Bibliography - Bibliographie

   Periodicals - Men's Issues
    Periodicals - Women's Issues
   Books from Times Change Press
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Periodicals - Men's Issues

SNODGRASS, J. (1977), For men against sexism.Times Change Press.
Brother:A Forum for Men Against Sexism
           10 Issues/ $3.00.  Box 4387, Berkeley,  CA 94704  USA
Double F: A Magazine of Effeminism
3 Issues/$5.00.  Box 98, FDR Station,  New York,  NY 10002   USA

Fag Rag
12 Issues/$7.00.  Box 331, Kenmore Station,   Boston, MA 02215  USA
A Forum .for Changing Men
12 Issues/$5.00.  Men's Resource Center, 3534 S.E. Main Street, Portland, OR 97214 USA
Issues in Radical Therapy
4 Issues/$4.00.  Box 23544, Oakland, CA 94623 USA
10 Issues/$7.00. 339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012  USA
Male Bag
Project Redirection- Detroit. 15770 Heyden, Detroit, MI 48223 USA
Men's Issues
12 Issues/$3.00. East Bay Men's Center, 2700 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.
Moming Due: A Journal of Men Against Sexism
4 Issues/$4.00. Box 22228, Seattle, WA 98122.
New American Movement Newspaper
12 Issues/$4.00. 16 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143 USA
4 Issues/$6.00. Department of Pan-African Studies. California State University, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90036.
44 Issues/$11.00. 503 Atlantic Avenue, Fifth Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11217 USA
Research Paper No. RP2: Health, Bodies and Men’s Violence: Making Connections
J. Hearn 1992
Research Paper No. RP3: Gender and the Management of Personal Welfare:
            A Review of Literature, Issues and Debates
J. Hanmer, J. Hearn and E. Bruce 1993
Research Paper No. RP4: Researching Men and Researching Men’s Violences
J. Hearn ed. 1993
Research Paper No. RP 5: I Will Survive: A Research and Policy Report on Women's Experiences of Violence from Known Men and Agency Responses
J. Hanmer (currently out of print)
Research Paper No. RP6: It Just Happened: A Research and Policy Report on Men’s Violences to Known Women
J. Hearn 1993
Research Paper No. RP7: Home Affairs Committee Inquiry into Computer Pornography: Memorandum of Evidence
C. Itzin 1993
Research Paper No. RP8: The Evidence of Pornography-Related Harm and a Harm-Based Equality Approach to Legislating Against Pornography Without Censorship: A Briefing Paper
C. Itzin 1992
Research Paper No. RP9: Pornography-Related Sexual Violence: A Review of the Evidence
C. Itzin 1991
Research Paper No. RP10: Women, Men, Children, Violence and Abuse: Report of a One-Day Conference
J. Hanmer and J. Hearn ed. 1993
Research Paper No. RP11: Research Strategy on Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations: Report to the ESRC
J. Hanmer and J. Hearn ed. 1994
Research Paper No. RP13: Policy Development and Implementation. Seminars: Patterns of Agency Contacts with Men who have been Violent
J. Hearn 1994
Research Paper No. RP14 : Violence to Women from Known Men: Policy Development, Interagency Approaches and Good Practice. Policy Development and Implementation Seminars Final Report
J. Hanmer, J. Hearn, C. Dillon, T. Kayani and Pam Todd
Research Paper No. RP15: Women Overcoming Violence and Abuse: Information Pack on Topics Covered at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Women’s Citizenship
J. Bindel 1996

Books from Times Change Press

A Men's Consciousness-Raising Group Writes on Oppression and Themselves. This book reflects the struggles of a group of men who've come together because of their increasingly unavoidable awareness of sexism-how it operates against the people they most care for and ultimately, how it eats away at their own humanity. Illustrated,- 64 pp.;$2.50.
Voices from within the Sexual Revolution-Edited by Jeanne Pasle-green and Jim Haynes. Forty-eight pioneer-participants in the ongoing sexual revolution share their intimate, firsthand experiences with bisexuality, celibacy, erotic art, group sex, sadomasochism, gay and women's liberation. Here we have people taking risks to become more open and loving in a conscious search for better ways for us all to relate to ourselves and each other. 176 pp.,- $4.50.
Five Years of Awakening to Fatherhood-David Steinberg. This is a sensitive, unglorified account of a father who decides not to become "the second, somewhat foreign parent." Instead, he seeks intimate, nurturing contact with his child, and reveals for us the resulting emotional and sex-role conflicts, as well as the new levels of love and awareness that fatherhood opens to him. 96 pp.,- $3.00.
A Perspective on the Small Group in Women's Liberation-Pamela Allen. Free Space is a good handbook for people wondering how to begin or restructure a consciousness-raising group. Developed by feminists, the small group is now being used by many people as a way of relating to different needs. Illustrated,- 64 p,-$2.00
People et Blue Mt. Ranch Write About Living Together in the Mountains. Writing about relationships, work, parents, children, healing and celebration, these rural communards describe feeling their way toward a life that makes sense and feels good, in which people are more in harmony with themselves, each other, the earth and the universe. Illustrated,- 160 pp.; $3.25. Cloth, $8.50.
and Other Essays on Feminism-Emma Goldman; with a biography by Alix Kates Shulmen. Emma Goldman was a dynamic anarchist and so her feminism differed markedly from her suffrage-oriented contemporaries. Today the split between liberal and radical approaches to women's liberation are still not resolved. So these essays have an uncanny relevancy to problems now being dealt with. Illustrated,- 64 pp.; $3.00.
Class Struggle in the Black Community-By The Damned. This book describes the awareness of oppression as black people, as workers and poor people under capitalism, and as women and young people oppressed by men and the family. It may be the first time that poor and petit-bourgeois black people have told their own story. Illustrated,- 160 pp.,-$3.25. Cloth, $7.95.

To Order Any of the Above Books:
send your order and payment (including 50 cents postage & handling per order; minimum order $4.00) to:

Order Department
Albion, CA 95410

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Periodicals - Women
Camera Obscura: A Journal of Feminism and Film Theory.
3 Issues/$9.00
Box 4517, Berkeley CA 94704
Feminist Studies.
2 Issues/$8.00.
417 Riverside Drive,
New York, NY 10025.
Frontiers:A Journal of Women Studies.
3 Issues/$9.00.
Women Studies Program,
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309.
Off Our Backs: A Women's News journal.
12 Issues/$6.00.
1724 20th Street N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20009.
The Second Wave: A Magazine of the New Feminism
4 Issues/$4.00.
Box 344, Cambridge A,
Cambridge, MA 02139.
Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.
4 Issues/$12.00.
University of Chicago Press,
11030 Langley Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 60628.
Sister: West Coast Feminist Newspaper.
12 Issues/$5.00.
The Women's Center,.
P.O. Box 597, Venice, CA 90291.
A Journal of Liberation.
4 Issues/$5.00.
3028 Greenmount Avenue,
Baltimore, Maryland 21218.
Quest: A Feminist Quarterly.
4 Issues/$9.00.
Box 8843, Washington, D.C.20003.
Research Centre on Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations, H509, School of Cultural Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University, Calverley Street, Leeds LS1 3HE
Tel: 0113 283 6710 Fax: 0113 283 6709
Research Paper No. RP1: Women, Violence and Crime Prevention: A Study of Changes in Police Policy and Practices
West Yorkshire J. Hanmer 1990
Research Paper No. RP12:
Policy Development and Implementation. Seminars: Patterns of Agency Contact with Women J. Hanmer 1994
Research Paper No. RP14 : Violence to Women from Known Men:
Policy Development, Interagency Approaches and Good Practice. Policy Development and Implementation Seminars Final Report J. Hanmer, J. Hearn, C. Dillon, T. Kayani and Pam Todd
Research Paper No. RP15: Women Overcoming Violence and Abuse:
Information Pack on Topics Covered at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Women’s Citizenship J. Bindel 1996
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