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Switchboard Informationsdienst für Männer





We publish the "Switchboard Informationsdienst für Männer" (translate "Switchboard - Information service for men") since February 1989, that is now 10 and a half years. Switchboard is a monthly publication, done by engaged men, who do not earn any money with that at all. Switchboard -with now 28 pages/issue- is distributed in Germany, Suisse, Austria und german speaking italian regions. Our clients (organisations and private) buy Switchboard for DM 60,- or 80,- a year (12 issues).

Switchboard publishes any news -that we learn or research- on daily events, local or national workshops, congresses, counseling/therapy, new books and papers, media review, programmes, documents, TV/Radio-cuts, origin articles, photos and much more, that deals critically with all questions on men (and women), fathers (and mothers) and boys (and girls): education, violence/non-violence, social work, arts, counseling, meetings, german men movement and more. Switchboard aims to inform all those about what is -in our opinion- necessary today to know on gender roles, identity, relationships. Switchboard is, after several (good!) trials since the late 80´s to establish a critical newspaper or magazine for men in Germany, finally the only continuing publication in this field.

Our website is in construction.
You can write to Switchboard:
Postfach 65 81 20,
D-22397 Hamburg,
phone/fax ++49 40 38 19 07

You find, for example, more informations about Switchboard and our organization/publishing house "männerwege" (translate: "men´s ways") in the "Frankfurter Rundschau" (issue 31-08-98), in the "Hamburger Abendblatt" (issue 16-05-98) or in the 1999 pocket calendar for men, published by pen´guin grafik, Berlin (ISBN 3-928300-84-9.

Alexander Bentheim 

Das Switchboard ist, wie manche wissen, keine rein Hamburger Erfindung, sondern die Fortsetzung der Idee eines speziellen Infodienstes für Männer aus dem Umfeld der Berliner Männerzeitung HerrMann, seinerzeit "Die falsche Stimme im Männerchor". Die Idee dieses Infodienstes, der von 1985-87 erschien: Interessierte Männer schneller mit Informationen zu versorgen, um den Stoff zu liefern, aus dem nun mal jeder Bewegungstraum gestrickt ist.


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