Gender identities 

at the end of the century

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15en_gen ... Gender Issues


Gender identities at the end of the century

Departamento de Filología moderna - Universidad de Alcalá

(Trans)formations of Sexualities and Gender selves
in the last twenty-five years in Britain and Spain
25-27 October 1999

Convocatoria: We would like to re-examine how in the last quarter of the century European thought has undermined the assumptions of stable identities, stable bodies and stable sexual selves, and how Literature, the Media and the Arts in Britain and Spain have contributed to (or resisted) the concept of gender as a construction and performance. Papers discussing one or several of the following topics will be welcome, either from a theoretical perspective or interpreting literary or artistic works:

Revisiting theories of sex and gender Dominant discourses and the construction of gender Discussing power and sex The need of a different cultural symbolic order to define new gender identities Listening to silences, seeing erasures and crossing the gaps between experience and representation in dominant discourses Identity as narration. Constructing subjectivity and reclaiming desire, emotional life, feelings and the erotic The representation of gay and lesbian love and friendship (A selection of the papers will be published)

Organising committee: Mercedes Bengoechea & Marisol Morales (Universidad de Alcalá) David Codling & Isabel Fernández (British Council) Deadline for the submission of abstracts: APRIL 23th 1999 Proposals and abstracts to be sent to: Marisol Morales Ladrón Departamento de Filología Moderna Universidad de Alcalá Colegio San José de Caracciolos C/ Trinidad, 3 28801 Alcalá de Henares (MADRID) TF. (91) 885 53 45


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