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Metis Productos Culturales.
Callejón de Corregidora # 6.
Col. Tlacopac, San Angel
México, D.F., México, cp. 01040.
Maria Perea
Administration Manager
debate deminista

Debate feminista (written in spanish and 450 pages aprox.) appeared 10 years ago. Our contributors include the best writters, theorists and
intelectuals both from México and abroad; each issue explores such topic as politics, sexuality, literature, history, activism, psychoanalisis, humor and many more from a feminist perspective, wich we understand as a perspective from comtemporary political thought, related with critical and progressive individuals regardless of wether their bodies are male or female. Debate feminista is directed to people interested in understanding the problems of living in a sexed world, and in knowing the critical perspective of feminism.

Anual subscription rate are: 100 dollars (Institutional) 80 dollars (Personal) (includes shipping). The subscription for 1999 includes issues 19 and 20.  Debate feminista appears every six months ( in april and october).  We have published 19 issues. If you are interested in past issues, they cost 40 dollars (shipping included).

Each of our issues has a specific name:

1. Love and democracy (amor y democracia)(Not available, only photocopies).

2. Feminism in Italy (El feminismo en Italia)

3. From the body to the needs (Del cuerpo a las necesidades)

4. The desire for power and the power of desire ( El deseo de poder y el poder del deseo)

5. Conquests, reconquest and unconquests ( Conquistas, reconquistas y desconquistas)(Not available, only photocopies)

6. Creation and procreation (Creación y procreación)

7. Politics, work and time (Política, trabajo y tiempos)

8. Borders, limits and negociation (Fronteras, límites y negociaciones)

9. Censorship ans criticism (Censura y crítica)

10. Body and Politics (Cuerpo y política)

11. Sexuality : theory and practice (Sexualidad: teoría y práctica)(Not available, only photocopies)

12. Feminism: movement and thought (Feminismo: movimiento y pensamiento.(Not available, only photocopies)

13. Otherness (Otredad)

14. Identities (Identidades)

15. The witting of life and the dream of politics (La escritura de la vida y el sueño de la política)

16. Strange rarities (Raras Rarezas)

17. City, space and life (Ciudad, espacio y vida)

18. Public/Private and Sexuality (Sexualidad, público/privado)

19. Law, body and subjet (Ley, cuerpo y sujeto)

If you want a subscription to debate feminista, send a check to:
Metis Productos Culturales.
Callejón de Corregidora # 6.
Col. Tlacopac, San Angel
México, D.F., México, cp. 01040.

We also have t-shirts with the message (white, with purple letters, sizes medium and large)... In the front: good girls go to heaven...
In the back: ...bad girls go everywhere. We hope our information is usefull to you,

Thank you.

Maria Perea
Administration Manager