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Male Lust: Pleasure, Power, and Transformation

Kerwin Kay, editor; Jill Nagle and Baruch Gould, associate editors
Release date: April 20th, 2000, Haworth Press, Inc.

Male Lust is a groundbreaking collection of nearly 60 personal

essays, memoirs, stories, commentaries, and poems about men's diverse

experiences with sex. While images of men pursuing sex abound, they

typically duplicate one or two well-worn stereotypes, leaving little

room for creativity, spontaneity or novelty in the fashioning a

sexual self. Further, little information exists outside those

stereotypes about the range of men's feelings, beliefs and practices

regarding sex, sexuality and lust. In the past twenty years, women

have produced a large amount of literature and erotica that breaks

old molds and offers new ways of approaching their own

sexuality. Male Lust continues this tradition of unearthing new

erotic ground, with men writing about their own experience and ideas

for transforming and reweaving male lust, love and politics.