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The Men's Bibliography Compiled by Michael Flood
A comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities and sexualities

The Women's Research Centre is a community-based, feminist organization founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1973. The Centre's focus is action research to make visible women's experience as the basis for action for change. http://www.wrc.bc.ca/ 

Digby, Tom (ed) 1998 Men doing feminism, New York & London: Routledge 

Understanding and changing violent behavior- Per Elis Eliasson - Sweden
Publications from: DANIEL JAY SONKIN, PH.D. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in independent practice in Sausalito, California. For the past twenty years I have specialized in the treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence and adults who were physically, sexually or psychologically abused as children and have conducted trainings on these issues nationally and internationally. I am interested in multi-level explanations and interventions that take into account the complex societal, subcultural, familial, psychological and physiological forces affecting our lives, rather than simple, reductionistic cause and effect theories.

I am the author of numerous books and articles on domestic violence and child abuse including, Learning to Live Without Violence: A Handbook for Men; Domestic Violence on Trial: Psychological and Legal Dimensions of Family Violence; Wounded Boys/Heroic Men: A Man's Guide to Healing from Child Abuse; A Counselor's Guide to Learning Without Violence and Domestic Violence: Court-Mandated Perpetrator Assessment and Treatment Handbook.

Court-Mandated Perpetrator Assessment and Treatment Handbook
PDF Format for Adobe Acrobat
Approximate length: 242 pages - 8 1/2" x 11"
This manual is far more valuable than a regular book. It will assist professionals in organizing their treatment programs. It can be used as an operations and procedures manual, and most important, will include the actual forms they can use in their programs, saving much time and effort.

Domestic Violence: Perpetrator Assessment Handbook
PDF Format for Adobe Acrobat
Approximate length: 66 pages - 8 1/2" x 11"
Now available for mental health professionals a structured interview for domestic violence perpetrators. Similar to the HyperCard stacks, but in hard copy, The Domestic Violence: Perpetrator Assessment Handbook is a structured interview format for obtaining a violence history, assessing risk and developing a treatment plan for domestic violence clients. This handbook includes discussions on the assessment process, risk factors, and legal and ethical issues. Self scoring forms result in a treatment report for the clinical chart.


book cover If you are a counselor or therapist and wish to learn more about this type of work, Education Groups For Men Who Batter: The Duluth Model is a must read. It outlines the philosophical basis for the Duluth Model Batterer's Program curriculum which is the core of my Nonviolence Training class. The Duluth Model curriculum is in fact the core of the significant majority of accountable counseling programs for men who batter.
book cover In October 1999 I attended the annual conference for the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV). At the conference, I had the honor and privilege of serving on a training panel together with a remarkable woman named Stephanie Rodriguez. Stephanie works as a advocate with the coalition. She is a survivor that has found the strength and courage to share her story in a book titled Time to Stop Pretending. The book cover at left is linked to the page to order the hard cover version of this wonderful book. You can also order a paperback version if you wish. http://www.nonviolentalternatives.com/   


"A Ray of Hope" - available in English, Spanish and Korean

This workbook was developed for use by men who were remanded by the court to attend a 52 week batterers' program. The workbook contains invaluable information regarding stress, anger management, communication patterns and more. "A Ray of Hope" has been used by helping professionals throughout the United States and around the world. It contains 52 comprehensive educational lessons that are designed to move people from patterns of abuse and violence to lives of health and stability. Utilizing a psychoeducational approach, this publication provides concrete techniques and examples of ways in which to stem ingrained cycles of abuse -- verbal, physical, economic, etc. -- through lessons that explore how and why such cycles develop and ways to stop such cycles by replacing old methods of coping. Order "A Ray of Hope"

How to Manage Anger - "Gaining Control of Ourselves"

The Anderson & Anderson anger management publication has been overwhelmingly successful in illuminating how and why anger can control our lives and ways in which to reduce and redirect stress and tension that results in overtly aggressive behaviors. Originally developed for court ordered participants in Anderson & Anderson anger management classes, this complete guide focuses on the causes of anger and provides alternatives to violent outbursts and abusive behavior through educational lessons that challenge old and inappropriate ways of expressing anger. The lessons in this workbook enable readers to understand the signs and signals that lead them to anger and supplies usable techniques to dissipate that anger before it gets out of control. This publication can be used for all helping professionals that seek to assist their clients in managing their levels of anger and stress. 

"Parenting in a Troubled World"

This publication addresses the issues crucial to parents who, because of their violence, have come to the attention of the County Probation Department and the Department of Children and Family Services. It contains information on child development, discipline, family violence, communication, and positive parenting. It is written in a language that is clear and user friendly.

"A Ray of Hope" Facilitator's Guide

This sourcebook has been successful in training facilitators to effectively employ the Anderson & Anderson domestic violence curriculum. This comprehensive manual provides an historical perspective for the Anderson & Anderson curriculum in addition to critical information regarding interviewing skills, race, ethnicity, culture and gender issues that can make the difference between effective and ineffective treatment of this and other populations. Unlike "A Ray of Hope," which is contained in the facilitator's guide, this publication provides a framework for understanding the treatment goals for domestic violence group participants to effectively move them from lives of abusive behavior to lives consisting of healthy forms of interaction and communication. This publication is useful for all helping professionals who are assisting their clients to maintain control over their abusive behavior, to better communicate and reduce stress while exercising control over their lives. 

"A Ray of Hope"

This video provides a scenario in which the dynamic of a domestic violence group unfolds. Employing the Power and Control Wheel, and the Equality Wheel developed by the Duluth Domestic Violence Intervention Project, this video demonstrates the interaction between group members and the facilitator. The Power and Control Wheel describes, in easily understood terms, how violence and abuse pervade the lives of group participants by outlining what abuse is. The Equality Wheel outlines appropriate behavior patterns that are necessary to achieve the goal of non-violence. Together the wheels are used to move group participants from lives of violence and abuse to lives that approximate equality in relationships by confronting past patterns. Order "A Ray of Hope Video"


Men: What you can say and do
to make a difference 

This brochure is an exciting new tool we've developed to give men specific, sound advice on what they can say and do when someone they know is battering his partner. I gives clear, practical suggestions on naming what you observe him doing, involving appropriate others, and what you can expect. It goes further by examining broader issues involved in battering, such as why men batter, and how to promote social change toward ending battering.

While the brochure is directed at men - and by this we mean all men - it contains information that women too find useful.

If you are interested in distributing this brochure in your office or place of business, or if you are having an event where you would like to make it available, click here for ordering information or call our office at 404-688-1376.

Men: What you can say and do
to make a difference

This brochure is an exciting new tool we've developed to give men specific, sound advice on what they can say and do when someone they know is battering his partner. I gives clear, practical suggestions on naming what you observe him doing, involving appropriate others, and what you can expect. It goes further by examining broader issues involved in battering, such as why men batter, and how to promote social change toward ending battering.

While the brochure is directed at men - and by this we mean all men - it contains information that women too find useful.

If you are interested in distributing this brochure in your office or place of business, or if you are having an event where you would like to make it available, call our office at 404-688-1376.

Aspects of Female Aggression
Editorial Reviews
From Book News, Inc. , May 1, 1993
A compilation of research on female aggression from the diverse disciplines that treat it: anthropology, social psychology, animal research, psychoanalysis, and literature. Among the questions examined: Is it a myth that females of all species are less aggressive than males? Does aggression in the female human differ from that in the animal? Are gender differences in aggressive patterns caused by hormones and neurobiology or by learning mechanisms? What are the patterns of female aggression?
. "The data and arguments presented demonstrate that women, developing their gender roles in different societies and in different social contexts, also are combative, competitive, and act "with the intention to harm another person, oneself, or an object" (p.4) as Bjorkqvist and Niemela define aggression. The reader is given a rich source of references to be used in teaching and further research ..."
by Kaj Bjorkqvist (Editor), Pirkko Niemela (Editor), Kaj Bjokqvist, Kaj Bjotkqvist
Eds. Kaj Björkqvist and Pirkko Niemelä  Price: $79.95
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/012102590X/qid%3D924705857/103- 7140031-4178252
phone: -358-6-3247 469 fax: -358-6-3247 491  
kaj.bjorkqvist@abo.fi   http://www.vasa.abo.fi/svf/up/kaj.htm  
snail: P.B. 311, FIN-65101, Vasa, Finland

Cover Image Understanding Violence Against Women 
National Research Council
National Academy Press
Washington, D.C. 1996 

Violence against women has received increasing public attention over the past 20 years. The once taboo subjects of rape and wife battering are now discussed openly on talk shows and are topics for television dramas. Services for women who have been raped or battered and men who rape and batter have become more available, although many services are chronically short of funds. Since the mid 1970s the body of research on violence against women has grown, yet misinformation abounds, and we seem little closer to ending violence against women now than 20 years ago.

The importance of violence against women as a national problem was acknowledged by Congress in its 1994 passage of the Violence Against Women Act as part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and by President Clinton's establishment of an Office on Violence Against Women in the U.S. Department of Justice. The Panel on Research on Violence Against Women was established by the National Research Council in 1995 to fulfill a congressional request to develop a research agenda to increase the understanding and control of violence against women. 

Los derechos de las mujeres son derechos humanos: Crónica de una movilización mundial, Center for Women's Global Leadership and ISIS Internacional/Santiago de Chile (preface by Alda Facio). Edited by Charlotte Bunch, Claudia Hinojosa and Niamh Reilly, these publications aim at making the history and the ideas of the Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights more accessible in the French and Spanish-speaking worlds, as well as rooting the experiences and achievements of this international mobilization in those languages and cultural contexts. The books include a selection of testimonies and judges' statements from the Global Campaign hearings and tribunals (Vienna, Cairo, Copenhagen and Beijing), an article on the politics of language and chapters on the concept and history of the Campaign, accountability, and the future challenges of an international movement for women's human rights "Towards 2001" as well as a series of Campaign Documents and Resources. Available fall 1999. 

"The Worst Scars are on the Inside - Methods for counteracting violence against women" (Danilda & Leander eds, 1999).  A book describing methods for counteracting violence against women in a European perspective. The book can be ordered free of charge, the buyer only paying postal charges, from the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, please send a mail to: Gunilla Sterner at gunilla.sterner@ab.lst.se
Visit also the website: http://www.ab.lst.se/kvifrid/operation.htm#2

Digby, Tom (ed) 1998 Men doing feminism, New York & London: Routledge

Johnson, Allan G. 1997 The gender knot: Unraveling our patriarchal legacy, Philadelphia: Temple University Press

Bowker, Lee H. (ed) 1997 Masculinities and violence, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage (Research on Men and Masculinities Series, 10)

Dobash, Rebecca Emerson and Dobash, Russell P. 1998 (eds) Rethinking violence against women, Sage

Funk, Rus Ervin 1993 Stopping rape: A challenge for men, Philadelphia, PA: New Society Publishers

Harway, Michele and O'Neil, James M. (eds) 1999 What causes men's violence against women?, Sage

Hearn, Jeff 1999 The violences of men, Sage

O'Toole, Laura L. and Schiffman, Jessica R. (eds) 1997 Gender violence: Interdisciplinary perspectives, New York & London: New York University Press

Plummer, David 1999 One of the boys: Masculinity, homophobia, and modern manhood, Harrington Park Press

Women's Rights - Human Rights
From dream to reality http://www.oedwien.org/aktuelles.htm

The present publication sets out to promote knowledge and the practical implementation of women’s rights, not only at the level of political decision-making but at every level of society: in schools but also extramurally. This in turn is an essential step in creating a more equitable society (in gender terms) – a task that faces us in the twenty-first century.

175 pages, A4, ISBN 3-900592-65-9 
ATS 150,-        Euro 10,9       $ 10,- 


The MANual - the complete man's guide to life : by Mick Cooper & Peter Baker

Healing the Male Psyche: Therapy as Initiation : by John Rowan

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Magazines & e-zines

XY Magazine
"Men and masculinity are under the public spotlight in Australia. And more men than ever before are asking what it means to be a man. We are wrestling with fatherhood, health, violence, relationships, sexuality and a hundred other issues."

Merge, a feminist 'zine from Chicago.
"...to heighten awareness, particularly with media images, of the depiction of women, and sexuality ... a place where both women and men have a voice ... to foster discussion, especially between men and women."

The Backlash!
"Our ultimate purpose here is not to promote a return to patriarchy or any notion of male (or female) supremacy, but [...] to encourage the evolution of a society that does not stereotype or force roles onto individuals on the basis of their race or sex, but accords the same legal and social rights and responsibilities to everybody."

Publishes articles that are on the cutting edge of current thinking, promoting creativity, ecology, spirituality and frugality.

'The Inclusive Vision of Gender Equality'

'An interdisciplinary journal of art and cultural studies, addressing critical issues in contemporary institutions and practices.'

M.E.N. (on-line) Magazine and Men's Voices quarterly.

'The Lifestyle Magazine for Today's Father'. A glossy which started publishing bimonthly in the US in July/August 2000

Violence Against Women Bibliography