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Tough Guise
Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity
NEW! Tough Guise is the first program to look systematically at the relationship between the images of popular culture and the social construction of masculine identities in the US in the late 20th century. In this innovative and wide-ranging analysis, Jackson Katz argues that there is a crisis in masculinity and that some of the guises offered to men as a solution (rugged individualism, violence) come loaded with attendant dangers to women, as well as other men. Extensively illustrated with examples from popular culture, ranging from Howard Stern to Stone Cold Steve Austin, from Good Will Hunting to Boyz 'N the Hood, from Garth Brooks to hip hop styles, Tough Guise will enlighten and provoke students (both men and women) to evaluate their own participation in the culture of contemporary masculinity. ISBN: 1-893521-09-5 (full version) ISBN: 1-893521-28-1 (abridged version).

For classroom use, the video is divided into two parts on a single tape.


toughguisebox.gif (8112 bytes) To aid teaching flexibility, Tough Guise is
available in two different lengths (Full: 82
minutes; Abridged: 57 minutes).
275 (Either version, please specify)
375 (Both versions)
150 High Schools (Either version, please
Closed Caption Available
Abridged version (57 minutes) condenses
arguments and removes obscenity and nudity.
Recommended for High School.
Study Guide Available


Dreamworlds II
Desire/Sex/Power in Music Video
Since its release in 1991 over two million students and others have seen Dreamworlds. Updated in 1995, Dreamworlds II combines powerful imagery from some 200 videos with incisive narrative to educate viewers on the impact of sexual imagery in music videos. Dreamworlds II addresses, more powerfully than any other tool available, the impact of pop culture on how young men and women see themselves (and each other) in terms of sexuality and gender. Shocking and often disturbing, Dreamworlds II allows its viewers to reflect critically on images which have such power precisely because they have become so common. ISBN: 1-893521-03-6

55 Minutes
125 High Schools
Purchase with War Zone.

Combined Price: $350
War Zone
What does it feel like to be a woman on the street in a cultural environment that does nothing to discourage men from heckling, following, touching or disparaging women in public spaces? Filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West believes that the streets are a War Zone for women. Armed with only a video-camera she both demonstrates this experience and, by turning and confronting her abusers, reclaims space that was stolen from her. War Zone is a Film Fatale, Inc/Hank Levine Film GmbH Production. ISBN: 1-893521-10-9
35 Minutes
Purchase with Dreamworlds II.

Combined Price: $350