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a film by Lucinda Broadbent

2000 , Scotland , 26 min, Colour

Nicaragua suffers an epidemic of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Former President Daniel Ortega stands accused of sexually abusing his step-daughter since she was eleven years old. Ortega is using his parlimentary immunity to avoid standing trial for multiple rape and battery. Against the backdrop of this international scandal the Nicaraguan group 'Men Against Violence' are inventing new ways to tackle machismo and male violence in one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Their success is such that they travel to San Francisco to teach Californians about their fresh approach, about taking responsibility to change violent behaivour. "Every day us men make ourselves more unhappy, less human. It damages us too." Xavier Munos of Men Against Violence This extraordinary documentary is a valuable contribution to the debates around 'masculinity' which have emerged in the last few years. Featuring moving testimonies from men who are perpetrators of violence and abuse, it challenges and supports men to become part of the solution to a damaging machismo not only in Latin America but around the world.

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Violence Against Women
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Aftermath, a film by Nancy Duiguid
1994 , UK , 11 min ,

Other Subjects: Sexual Abuse ,Society ,Violence Against Women

A woman is raped weeks, months, years ago. The span of time does not matter. Her loss of control does. Some days she can lead what seems like a normal life, but most days she is plagued by terrifying images. Now the events of daily life converge to unlock the rage she carries.

Avenge Tampa, a film by Dyke TV
1993 , USA , 10 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Lesbian ,Resistance ,Violence Against Women

A shocking and disturbing film about homophobia in the United States. A woman is burned out of her home for being HIV positive, but that is not the end of the matter.

Azaadi, a film by Devika Ponnambalam
1991 , UK , 16 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Domestic ,Rituals & Myths ,South Asia/India ,Violence Against Women

AZAADI is the story of Parvati, a woman held captive by her husband in a small basement room with a caged bird and a kitchen sink for company. Kali, the Indian goddess of destruction, offers Parvati a magical world, leading to an intensely powerful visual expression of vengeful liberation.

Beauty Becomes The Beast, a film by Vivienne Dick
1979 , USA , 41 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Adolescence ,Resistance ,Self Image ,Sexuality ,Violence Against Women

A fragmented narrative about growing up female in a patriarchal world. Lydia Lunch plays a rebellious teenager and a five year old in this film which looks at gender roles, female representations, sexual repression and violence.

Diana, a film by Jan Dennis
1985 , UK , 40 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Education ,Sexual Abuse ,Violence Against Women

Produced initially for the Portsmouth Rape Crisis Line for training, to raise questions in the minds of 'professional' people who come into contact with women who have been sexually assaulted. The film recounts with considerable honesty the long term effects Diana's sexual assault had on her and her ....

Edge, a film by Sandra Lahire
1986 , UK , 8 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Gender ,Mothers and Daughters ,Poetry ,Resistance ,Self Image ,Violence Against Women

'This short, named after Sylvia Plath's last poem, is about the woman who is a daughter; icy, perfected and petrified for the patriarchy . She is also a mother drawing her two children with her into this death-in-life. Edge is the irony, which is the poet's defiance. And it is the blade ...how fa ....

Gift Of A Girl, a film by Mayyasa Al-Malazi and Jo Smith
1997 , UK/India , 24 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Direct Action/Activism ,Global Feminism ,Mothers and Daughters ,Oppression of Women ,Poverty/oppression ,Self Determination ,Society ,South Asia/India ,Violence Against Women

In southern India, for various social and economic reasons, the murder of female children, soon after birth, is seen by its practitioners as a humane solution. This film looks at innovative and successful local efforts to stop female infanticide.

Give Us A Smile, a film by Leeds Animation Workshop
1983 , UK , 13 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Feminism ,Oppression of Women ,Popular Culture & Media ,Representation ,Resistance ,Society ,Violence Against Women

This film is not only a sorry tale of what women have to face in a sexist society, but offers ways in which women have and could fight back against the constantly shifting but never changing attitudes to women in our society.

Groove On A Stanley Knife, a film by Tinge Krishnan & Beth Kotler
1997 , UK , 42 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Drugs ,Lesbian ,Representation ,Sexual Abuse ,Violence Against Women

Two Women, on the run from violent crack dealers in the north of England, are holed up in a disused public toilet over night. Their situation forces them to confront the realities of their friendship. Ugly memories begin to envelop the present until the shocking truth emerges.

Hands Off, a film by Monique Renault
1984 , Holland , 17 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Poverty/oppression ,Resistance ,Self Determination ,Society ,Violence Against Women ,Women and the Law

The issues surrounding violence against women, in particular wife-battering and the social structures within which women continue to be victims, are effectively put across using an innovative style of drawn animation.

Just Because Of Who We Are, a film by A. Norman and L.Dean and R.Omata and A.Akua and D.Kyi and D.Agosta
1986 , USA , 28 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Cultural Identity ,Lesbian ,Racism ,Sexuality ,Society ,Violence Against Women

Just Because Of Who We Are is a challenging documentary, focusing on a subject rarely discussed by mainstream media: violence against lesbians.

Macho, a film by Lucinda Broadbent
2000 , Scotland , 26 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Development ,Equality ,Latin America ,Masculinity ,Sexual Abuse ,Violence Against Women

A remarkable documentary with a surprising story from macho Latin America: meet Nicaragua's 'Men Against Violence' group, tackling violence and sexual abuse. Fresh solutions to the universal problem of men behaving badly, from the last place on earth you'd expect.

Mad, Bad And Barking, a film by Bev Zalcock and Sara Chambers
1996 , England , 28 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Direct Action/Activism ,Feminism ,Film History ,Resistance ,Violence Against Women

A featurette which uses the female buddy movie to explore the relationship between a woman and her dog. In the face of constant harassment, they undergo a crucial transformation and this gentle comedy turns into a female revenge movie.

Making The Break, a film by Anne Marie McDermott and Louise Wadley
1994 , UK , 47 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Oppression of Women ,Psychology ,Representation ,Resistance ,Self Determination ,Society ,Violence Against Women

When Judy first met Punch she thought he was he most handsome puppet she'd ever seen. After years of violence and emotional cruelty, Judy decided to take the baby and run. Intercut with fiction, this documentary reveals the common ground shared by women of different classes and cultures as they expl ....

Murder Most Foul, a film by Gillian Lacey
1987 , UK , 8 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Equality ,Oppression of Women ,Representation ,Resistance ,Violence Against Women ,Women and the Law

Relating a real case, this animated film is devised as a play and is set in the Crown Court. There, all the dramatic rules are twisted to expose a villain who gets away with it, a murdered wife who gets her own back and a judge who has to eat his words.

My Feminism, a film by Laurie Colbert and Dominique Cardona
1997 , Canada , 55 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Cultural Identity ,Development ,Direct Action/Activism ,Diversity ,Economic Development ,Education ,Equality ,eroticism/pornography ,Feminism ,Gender ,Global Feminism ,History ,Human Rights ,Identity ,Lesbian ,Oppression of Women ,Politics ,Popular Culture & Media ,Poverty/oppression ,Racism ,Religion ,Representation ,Reproductive Rights ,Resistance ,Self Image ,Sexual Abuse ,Sexuality ,Society ,Violence Against Women ,Women's Movement ,Work/Labor ,World View

An award-winning documentary featuring key feminist exponents Gloria Steinem, bell hooks, Urvashi Vaid, Judy Rebick, Mary Becker, Urvashi Butalia, Ailbhe Smyth who together with the filmmakers disect the F-word to paint an engaging, accessible and powerfully persuasive picture of global Feminism tha ....

No Longer Silent, a film by Laurette Deschamps and Cinesita Studio D
1980 , Canada , 55 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Cultural Identity ,Equality ,Human Rights ,Poverty/oppression ,Reproductive Rights ,Self Determination ,Society ,South Asia/India ,Violence Against Women ,Women and the Law

Discrimination wears many faces, often supported by religion, custom and tradition. In modern India, where age-old traditions collide with twentieth-century values, NO LONGER SILENT takes a revealing look at aspects of this discrimination and at the determination of some Indian women to bring abou ....

Photographic Exhibits, a film by Claire Barwell
1984 , UK , 20 min , Colour

Other Subjects: History ,Society ,Violence Against Women ,Visual Arts ,Women and the Law

When a contemporary woman comes across a set of photographs, used in a murder trial in the 1920s, and tries to imagine what happened, she finds herself haunted by the images and voices of the past.

Pictures On Pink Paper, a film by Lis Rhodes
1982 , UK , 36 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Cinema Studies ,Domestic ,History ,Identity ,Language/Linguistics ,Self Determination ,Society ,Violence Against Women ,Visual Arts

In this closely-textured work, pictures and meanings are experimented with, brought richly together or pared down to abstraction in order to challenge and re-create.

Property Rites, a film by Heather Powell
1984 , UK , 59 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Feminism ,History ,Politics ,Popular Culture & Media ,Society ,Violence Against Women ,Women and the Law

Powell's film deftly highlights ideas and assumptions underlying common attitudes to sexual violence. The film mixes elements of documentary with the framing narrative of Cathy, researching the death of Mary Ashford in 1817 for a magazine article.

Rape Culture, a film by M. Lazarus and R. Wunderlich
1983 , USA , 29 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Feminism ,Masculinity ,Psychology ,Representation ,Resistance ,Society ,Violence Against Women

An effective exploration of those elements in our society that contribute to an ideology that supports rape. This excellent film is a real consciousness-raiser that puts rape in a social context, featuring sociologists who have studied rape, and convicted rapists who investigate their own socialisat ....

Rash, a film by Vicky Smith
1997 , UK , 7 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Body Image ,Representation ,Sexuality ,Society ,Violence Against Women

Rash takes a furtive look at female sexual fetishism through an imaginary voyage around the body. Drawing with immediacy and pressure, monstrous portraits evolve. Erasing images through destructive processes.

Rethinking Rape, a film by Jeanne Le Page
1986 , USA , 26 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Masculinity ,Protests and Strikes ,Representation ,Society ,Violence Against Women

In an examination of how rape has become an acceptable part of society, the experiences of three women are recalled in the light of attitudes which reinforce the idea that women are unassertive, easily dominated individuals. The poularity of pornography and events such as the Miss California contest ....

Sari Red, a film by Pratibha Parmar
1988 , UK , 14 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Cultural Identity ,Oppression of Women ,Racism ,Violence Against Women

A visually powerful and imaginative film, inspired and made in the memory of Kalbinder Kaur Hayre who died after three white youths drove their van into her in 1985.

Shadow Panic, a film by Margot Nash
1989 , Australia , 24 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Australia/New Zealand ,Representation ,Resistance ,Society ,Violence Against Women

This mildly surreal film revolves around three women representing different aspects of one character - The Investigator, The Hothead and The Dreamer. The film is about internal and external states of emergency, about personal and collective 'shadows' (histories, memories) about resistance and spirit ....

Shubh-Vivah, a film by Nina Sabnani
1984 , India , 5 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Education ,Global Feminism ,Human Rights ,Mothers and Daughters ,Politics ,Poverty/oppression ,Rituals & Myths ,South Asia/India ,Violence Against Women ,World View

The dowry system began when gifts were given to a daughter by her father at the time of her marriage. However traditions of this nature usually denegrate when ritualised, and today the demand for gifts far exceeds the means of a bride's family, with women harassed when demands cannot be met. This fi ....

Waking Up To Rape, a film by Meri Weingarten
1985 , USA , 38 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Sexual Abuse ,Violence Against Women

With courage and honesty, three rape victims explore the immediate trauma of rape and reveal the long-term psychological effects of this all too common violent crime.

Visual Arts
Arrows, a film by Sandra Lahire
1984 , UK , 15 min , Colour

Other Subjects: Body Image ,Eating Disorders ,Gender ,Health ,Identity ,Popular Culture & Media ,Self Determination ,Self Image ,Visual Arts ,Young Women

ARROWS uses a combination of live action and rostrum work to communicate the experience of anorexia and to analyse the cultural causes of the condition. Once again, a woman who does not conform to male expectations in terms of her body-shape is classified as sick, in need of surgery.