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Leeds Animation Workshop was set up in 1976 to produce and distribute animated films on social issues. The Workshop also runs short introductory courses in animation several times a year. 

Tell It Like It Is 
Problems faced by young people at school as a result of gender stereotyping and bullying. 

Home Truths 
Young people's experience of domestic violence. 

Working with Care 
Work, life, and caring responsibilities 

Did I Say
Hairdressing? I Meant Astrophysics 
Women in science, engineering, and technology. 

A World of Difference 
Racism and bullying in schools 

Waste Watchers 
Energy efficiency and conservation measures 

No Offence 
Sexual and other kinds of harassment at work 

Through the Glass
Ceiling Equal opportunities at work 

All Stressed Up 
Stress at work 
A Matter of Interest 
International debt 

Out to Lunch 
Sexism in everyday behaviour

Home & Dry? 
Women and homelessness 

Crops and Robbers 
Food and hunger 

Give Us a Smile 
Violence against women 

Risky Business 
Health and safety at work 

Who Needs Nurseries?
Daycare provision for under five

We do! 

Alice in Wasteland 
Environmental pollution 

Leeds Animation Workshop
45 Bayswater Row
Leeds LS8 5LF          UK

Phone and fax:   +44 (0) 113 248 4997

Email:  law@leedsanimation.demon.co.u  

Leeds Animation Workshop offers a variety of practical workshops and courses either at the workshop or on the client's own premises. 
Introduction to Animation, a weekend course offering an introduction to different animation techniques and an opportunity to produce a short animated film. 
Courses for schools and community groups. Tailor made courses for a variety of ages on an outreach basis. 
Artists in Schools placements. 
Illustrated talks on animation. 
For further information please contact Milena Dragic by telephone on 0113 248 4997


Dear Daphne Partners,
We are writing to announce the launch of our recently completed Daphne project, a short animated video called


Aimed at young people, particularly 11-14-year-olds, this video is about gender stereotyping, bullying and sexual violence at school.

It takes a light-hearted approach and is entertaining to watch, but it carries a serious message: that boys and girls still live in different worlds; that many schoolgirls suffer sexual harassment daily; and that the lives of both boys and girls are often made miserable by peer pressure which forces them either to conform or to suffer verbal, psychological or physical bullying.

The project's aim is to challenge aggressive behaviour and attitudes at an early stage, and in the longer term to help prevent male violence against women and young people.

12 minutes long, and accompanied by a discussion booklet, the video is suitable for use in schools or youth groups of all kinds, to raise awareness and stimulate discussion.

We hope that Daphne partners throughout Europe can:

1] use this video in their work;
2] help promote it through their contacts;
3] mention it in their publications - review copies are available on request;
4] help us organise translation into other languages;
5] mention it on their websites, and perhaps link to our website


For more information and a graphic illustration from the video, please see our website.

Please let us know if you could help us by distributing flyers through conferences or mailings. Tell us how many you could use, and we will supply them by return.

Also, please contact us for a copy of our news release.
Thank you for your help. We hope you will find this project of value to you.

Good luck in your work,
and best wishes  from Terry Wragg