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Asian Women's Shelter - Information about sexual violence programs and protocols.  San Francisco, Ca.  Phone: 415-751-7110

The Battered Women's Justice Project - training, referrals, etc. Phone: 800-903-0111.

CAVNET Communities Against Violence Network - Addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, violence against women, violence against people with disabilities, violence agasinst children, violence against gays and lesbians. The purpose of the CAVNET homepage is to serve as a searchable, authoritative source of information about all of the above topics.  www.cavnet2.org

CENTER FOR THE PREVENTION OF SEXUAL AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is an international, private, nonprofit organization headquatered in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1977 by Rev. Marie M. Fortune, the Center is an interreligious resource addressing issues of sexual and domestic violence. Thier goal is to engage religious leaders in the task of ending abuse, and to serve as a bridge between religious and secular communities. The Center's programs promote institutional and social change, and advance healing and justice. The expertise of Center staff combines a foundation of theological with solid understanding of the dynamics of abuse, strong management skills, outstanding training abilities, and twenty years of experience in developing education and prevention programs. Their programs and products are designed for clergy and lay audiences, religious professionals, seminary faculty, religious educators, pastoral counselors and more. 926 N. 34th Street - Suite 200, Seattle, Wa. 98103.  Phone (206) 634-1903.  Fax: (206) 634-0115.  Email: cpsdv@cpsdv.org.  Web: www.cpsdv.org.

Child Custody and Protection Resource Center: Phone: 800-527-3223

Child Witness to Violence Program - Boston Medical Center with the Boston Polie Department - 617-534-3641 - FAX: 617-534-7915

Christians Against Domestic Violence - 619-788-9703

Domestic Abuse Intervention Project- Duluth, Minnesota - Great police training videos and workbooks. Phone: 218-722-7979

Domestic Violence Report - for law enforcement, protection, enforcement, treatment and health professionals. Contact: Domestic Violence Report - Civic Research Institute, Inc.,  4490 Route 27 - PO Box 585 - Kingston, NJ - 08528

Family Violence Prevention Fund - Great CD-ROM and curriculum for judges and great posters. Phone: 415-252-8900.  www.fvpf.org

Family Violence Project - a program for victims and their kids - phone: 619-4956-7719 - FAX: 619-495-7720

"Hands are not for Hitting" - Minnesota Coalition children's program.  Phone: - 612-646-6177 - FAX: 612-646-1527

Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence. phone: 800-313-1310

Illinois Center for Violence Prevention Website - The site fetures PrevenNet, a searchable database of violence prevention programs/services in Illinois. It also contains ICVP program information, event calendars, and a range of violence prevention resources, including fact sheets, and links to funding sources and violence prevention web sites.  www.violence-prevention

Law Enforcement Dispatcher Training on Domestic Violence - Powerphone Company - 1-800-537-6937 or www.powerphone.com.

Lifespan - Information on victim services for the partner of a cop/batterer.  Phone: 847-824-0382

Mattie's Collections:  One woman's collection of resources related to DV, including warning signs, the impact of DV on children, shelter and taks force information for the Columbus, Indiana area. http://www.geocities.com/deaton_46176

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse. Website: www.mincava.umn.edu

Nashville Metropolitan Police Department - Nashville, Tennesee - Web site on Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement - Victim Safety Plan, Assessing Lethality, Police Training Curriculum, Department Policy on DV - www.nashville.net/~police

National Center on Women and Family Law - Mandatory arrest, stalking laws, prosecutor policies and programs - Phone: 212-674-8200

National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women - phone: 215-351-0010

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Phone: 303-839-1852. Web:www.webmerchants.com/ncadv.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Phone: 800-851-3420. Office of Victims of Crime - 800-627-6872. Bureau of Justice Statistics - 800-732-3277. Bureau of Justice Assistance - 800-688-4252

National Domestic Violence Hotline - phone: 800-799-SAFE

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. Phone: 800-537-2238

Pace Battered Women's Justice Center - for training/technical assistance for attorneys and "pro-bono" referrals.  Email: aroth@Gensis.Law.Pace.Edu

Pennsylvania Coaltion Against Domestic Violence. Phone: 717-545-6400

San Diego Police Department DV Unit - good victim safety plan and police protocol - 619-531-2387 or www.clew.org.

Stop DV!  www.stopdv.com. Training videos on domestic violence, specially designed for criminal justice officials.  Email - Anne2215@aol.com.

Stop Violence Against Women Grants (VAWA) Technical Assistance Project has a New Publication - "Promising Practicies: Improving the Criminal Justice System Response to Violence Against Women". This is a great resource which includies thirty-two practices and hundreds of program examples to offer the reader an opportunity to consider strategies that may be appropriate for their own communities. Phone: 800-256-5883 Fax: 202-265-0579. Email: STOPGrants_TA_Project@csgi.com.

Tennessee Task Force Against Domestic Violence - Nashville, Tennessee - Law Enforcement Training and Technical Assitance, Resource Center, Policy development, good source for assistance in drafting legislation on domestic violence.  Phone: 615-386-9406

Transforming Communities www.transformcommunities.org. Teen program for peer education; teens present programs to other teens about domestic violence, dating violence, and sexism.  A project of  Marin County (California) Abused Women Services (MAWS) --

The VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN GRANTS OFFICE (VAWGO) in the Office of Justice Programs at the Department of Justice admisiters 1 formula and 3 discretionary grant programs authorized by the Violence Against Women Act. The grant programs are designed to help prevent , detect, and stop violence agasisnt women, including domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. The grant programs administered by VAWGO include: STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grants, Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies, Rural Domestic Violence and Child Victimization Enforcement Grants, and STOP Violence Agaisnt Indian Women Discretionary Grants. phone: 202-307-6026. Web: www.usdoj.gov/VAWGO.

Great information on Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence - Steve Abrecht - website - www.albrecht1.com


NOVA - National Organization for Victim's Assistance - 800-879-6682

National Victims Center - 800-FYI-CALL

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - 619-298-3396

Survivors of Stalking - 813-889-0767 Website: www.soshelp.org

Women's Task Force - 201-481-1775


EMERGE: Counseling and Education to Stop Domestic Violence - 2380 Massachuetts Ave. Suite 101 - Cambridge, MA 02140 - Founded in 1977, Emerge was the first counseling program in the nation on men who batter and is the largest such program in New England. With a main office in Cambridge, Emerge also offers services in Quincy, Boston and Lowell. In 1987, Emerge pioneered court-mandated services for men who batter through its partnership with the Quincy District Courts. Training courses offered throughout the year. Telephone: 617-547-9879 FAX: 617-547-0904.  www.emergedv.com

Men For Change - associated with the Shelter for Battered Women - a fund raising awarness component - Charlotte, N.C. 704-332-2513

Men's Program, Marin Abused Women Services - www.MAWS.org/mensprogram

Men Stopping Violence - Email: mstewart@igc.org - Website: www.athens.net/~rblummsindex.html

Real Men - PO BOX 1769 - Brookline, Mass 02146

White Ribbon Campaign - Toronto Canada - 416-536-4135.  Email: mkmk@vorku.ca


Children of Battered Woman - Jaffe/Wolfe/Wilson - Publisher SAGE - ISBN 0-8039-3383-5

Domestic Violence Law - A Comprehensive Overview of Cases and Sources - By Nancy Lemon - Austin & Winfield Publishers of Legal Commentary - ISBN1-57292-022-X

Mento Books (call for free catalogue on relationship violence books) 800-795-6198 or go to www.mentorbooks.com

Rural Woman Battering and The Justice System - An Ethnography - By: Neil Websdale - Sage Series on Violence Against Women - ISBN 0-7619-0852-8

Stopping a Stalker: A Cop's Guide to Making The System Work For You
Understanding Violence Aganist Women - National Research Council - Publisher National Academy Press - ISBN 0-309-05425-7