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Violence begins at home 
work-in-progress  videotape


It is becoming clearer to us that the psychological damage done to a child attacked by someone she loves reverberates through generations. When a parent terrorizes a child, anger is stuffed down deep, carried into the future, and released there by that adult child in some form of violence. Today this has become our legacy, appearing everywhere in society as physical or sexual assault, domestic battery, child abuse and neglect, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and   mental depression.  When a mother or a father lashes out against a child we all eventually feel the affects. But violence is learned behavior. Children learn it from their parents and it is reinforced by our culture. Which is to say, we reinforce it, because we allow it to continue. And whatever is learned can be unlearned. There are young parents in this country who have suffered violence in their homes as children who are learning not to inflict it upon their children today. We will all benefit from their education. Although they know that pain is powerful and anger explosive, they are learning not to mix their love with fear. These young parents have something to teach us.

Get involved

We are looking for the support of a major organization or a coalition of organizations who can help with resources as well as promotion and publicity. We will acknowledge your involvement in the film's credits and would like to link this site to yours.

Since 1995 we have visited and videotaped interviews in Denver and Greely, CO; San Diego, CA; Middlebury, VT; Picayune, MS; Seattle, WA, and Houston, TX. We are always looking for "film-able" opportunities as well as contact with progressive domestic violence prevention programs. If your organization is involved in domestic violence advocacy work, and would like to learn more about VIOLENCE BEGINS AT HOME, please contact us. Make your community a part of this important independent film project.

Focusing attention on the revelation that American violence begins in its homes exposes this cornerstone truth to the light of public discussion. The ugly cycle perpetuating itself through families and generations must be shown before it can be broken. But to share what we have with a large television audience we need sponsoring support and promotional help. Together WE CAN DO IT!

A "work-in-progress" videotape is available for screening.