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Images, extraite du film publicitaire Égalité, qui a été reprise en affichage. http://www.commando-creation.com/Violence.html 

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European Commission
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Family Violence Prevention Fund
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European Women's Lobby 
Policy Action Centre on Violence against Women
The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) states that violence is a serious violation of women’s human rights and an undeniable obstacle to women’s full participation in society.
  Observatoire européen sur la violence contre les femmes
Mis en place par le Centre européen pour la promotion d’une politique contre la violence envers les femmes, l’Observatoire européen sur la violence envers les femmes est composé de quinze expertes (une par Etat membre).
The Family Violence Prevention Fund's 31 Question Campaign
To raise awareness about the devastating but preventable social problem of domestic violence, the Family Violence Prevention Fund has created a month-long public education campaign called "31 Questions." The campaign consists of 31 web banners, one for each day of the month. Each day, a banner asks a question about domestic violence; clicking on the banner opens a new window with the answers. Viewers are encouraged to come back every day for more questions.
Please join us in working to end domestic violence by running the "31 Questions" on your web site. It's simple to install: All you have to do is load it once -- it will automatically change daily for 31 days. http://www.fvpf.org/publiced/banners.html
G'day. I'm Tony Robertson. Welcome to my collection of sites about us blokes! By way of introduction, I'm a
post-war baaby-boomer, White Australlian, Gay Christian Male. And in all that I find the joys and hopes the grief
and anguish of life!!! I am also a Community Jester and Ritual Maker. Some of life is lived here in the cyberworld
of open speech and free expression which I hope you will share.Welcome to this site which I dedicate to my father,
Alexander Robertson who inspired ny social awareness and my political commitment to social change for those on
the edge of our community.

Let me know of any links that don't work and any other suggestions you might have for this site. Thanks for