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Les Traboules - Toulouse:

halte à la violence
contre les femmes
dans le couple
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Halte à la violence contre les femmes dans le couple

La violence c'est parfois un "flirt" qui finit mal
Canada - Ministère de l'Education

Unifem : "A World Free of Violence Against Women"  


Donna Ferrato - Children and Violence- The Witness. The Victim. The Accused.

Keine Gewalt gegen Frauen, 
keine Gewalt gegen Kindern :

Men can stop rape:poster

Womankind : White Ribbon Day is about breaking the silence - Woman Kind

The White Ribbon is the international symbol of hope for a world where women and girls can live free from the fear of violence: Wearing the ribbon signals that one will not condone or remain silent about violence towards women - a vital symbol when you think that globally, men's violence against women causes more deaths and disabilities among women under 44 than traffic accidents, malaria, cancer or war.*


In 1998, the first White Ribbon Day in the UK, was launched by WOMANKIND, to mark the International Day Against Violence Towards Women - November 25th, already well established in other countries around the world.

WOMANKIND works with women's and men's groups internationally, to promote the ribbon and the values behind it.

Often,violence against women and girls is seen to be acceptable, as long as we do not talk about it. The only way that is going to change is by challenging attitudes and perceptions of violence in society.

Our aim is to challenge the acceptability of domestic and sexual violence, working with

- national and international groups campaigning on the issue

- the media

- celebrity supporters who want to raise awareness

The ribbon represents a spirit of collaboration and inclusion - encouraging men and women to take a stand against violence and to work together to build a better world for all.


* (World Bank Discussion Paper 255, 1994)

Domestic and sexual violence affects women of every social class, every ethnic group, every religion, every age, in every country. Violence against women is a global challenge for us all. Join us in marking White Ribbon Day 2000 on November 25th and give women and girls around the world the hope of a life free from violence.


tough talking advert launched to break the silence around domestic violence

'White Ribbon Day is about breaking the silence
 be a part of it, make it happen!'

Kate Adie, BBC Chief News Correspondent

Campaign LogoGraphic: Joan Miró (detail) from folder by Isis International 

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Violencia contra las mujeres
Un desastre que los hombres Sí podemos evitar

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