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  • Rape Awareness
  • Identifying Male Privilege
  • Anti-Oppression
  • Patriarchy in Forest-Defense Campaigns
  • Prostitution
  • the Sexual Politics of Meat
  • Fat-phobia
  • the Beauty Myth
  • Herbal Remedies, Western Medicine, and Patriarchy

    ...as well as video showings, discussion groups, performances, speak-outs, and more! Please check back for details.

Contact: POB 10661 Eugene, OR 97440 |

Conference Mission Statement:

This conference strives to be a part of a movement towards the elimination of male privilege, domination and sexism by creating dialogue, educating ourselves, and inspiring action.

- What is patriarchy and how is it interlocked with white supremacy, colonialism, heterocentrism, classism, capitalism, ageism, ableism, anti-Semitism, speciesism, and all other forms of hierarchy?

- What are the practices and results of male domination, privilege and sexism?

- What does it mean to be a woman or man in patriarchal cultures? How do these roles limit us? If we could get out of these roles, what kind of folks would we like to be?

- What does it mean to be intersex and/or trans/ and/or genderqueer in patriarchal cultures? What does it mean to be lesbian, bisexual, or gay in patriarchal cultures?

- How do we go about answering these questions?

Through presentation, dialogue, and performance we hope to broach these questions with intellect and emotion, furthering an understanding of ourselves and the complexity and interconnectedness of oppressions.