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White Ribbon-kampanjen i Europa 
Bryt mäns tystnad för att stoppa mäns våld 

White Ribbon-kampanjen
för män som vill stoppa våldet mot kvinnor

Våld i hemmet är dolt och nedtystat
Bryt tystnaden – bär ett vitt band

Genom att bära ett vitt band synliggör
du det dolda våldet mot kvinnor

Genom att bära ett vitt band förbinder du dig
att aldrig gripa till, överse med eller tiga om våld mot kvinnor

   Operation Kvinnofrid International - Peace of Women (Sweden)  
   National experiences from Sweden  
   Violence against Women in Sweden 

   Daphne-programmet (2000 - 2003) 
  Nyhetsbrevet Europas kvinnor 
  Gender and violence in the Nordic countries - a research programme 2000-2004 
  Previous measures to combat violence against women 
  Understanding and changing violent behavior- Per Elis Eliasson - Sweden  
A Report from Manscentrum in Stockholm. Production of this book has been supported within Operation Kvinnofrid,  the Swedish government’s program focusing on violence against women, in accordance with commitments made at Beijing in 1995.

    A website on violence against women  http://www.kvinnofrid.gov.se/regeringen/eng.htm 

    "Choice and Power" A discussion mailing list on reproductive rights for women and men. Q Web, a global network based in Sweden, for promoting women’s health and gender equality, is pleased to invite you to a discussion list on men’s role in relation to sexuality and reproduction. http://www.qweb.kvinnoforum.se/choiceandpower/index.html 
   Women's Organisations - Sweden

    Partners and members in Sweden :

The White Ribbon Campaign Sweden  

 Facts about Sweden  in English 


Lithuania The Daphne Programme from the European Commission
Daphne Programme to combat violence against children, young people and women. - Directorate General for Justice and Home Affairs 

From the European Commission: 
Domestic violence exists in all countries and across all social classes. It may be something that happens behind closed doors, but it is clearly a problem for society as a whole.
    The launch of a European campaign to prevent violence against women underlines the political will of the Union to curb this sad phenomenon and to coax it out of the closed family environment.

A couple of statistics help to illustrate the scale of the problem:

  • in the EU, one woman in five has at least once in her life been the victim of violence by her male partner;

  • 25% of all violent crimes reported involve a man assaulting his wife or partner.

Every year, thousands of women and children leave their homes because they are victims of abuse. 
    These terrible statistics make it all the more urgent that action is taken in a number of ways.
    Various measures have been taken by the Member States; some EU countries have created 'helplines' to aid the victims, others have organised national awareness campaigns.
    The European campaign to prevent domestic violence against women aims to support and add to these measures.
    The European Commission, in collaboration with NGOs, is supporting a series of initiatives on the ground with the aim of contributing to a change in attitudes.
    At the European level, the campaign is designed to reinforce the message that violence against women is a social phenomenon that involves not only victims and abusers, but also all those who witness abuse, as well as the police, the judiciary, the teaching profession whose role it is to promote non-violence, and the social and medical workers involved in coping with the consequences of violent acts.

The Commission has formulated several messages, addressed to the different target groups concerned:
For male abusers, the messages are:

  • domestic violence is a crime;

  • domestic violence will ruin your life as an abuser as much as the life of your victim, and;

  • help exists if you want to put an end to your violent behaviour.

For women victims of violence, the messages are:

  • break the wall of silence surrounding domestic violence!

  • don't tolerate violence!

  • help exists, find out how!

For all those who witness domestic violence, the messages are:

  • help women victims of violence break the silence

  • help them escape from victimisation!


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    The Swedish Association of Women's Shelters/ Sveriges Kvinnojourers Riksförbund   http://www.qweb.kvinnoforum.se/members/kvinnojourernas.html 
ROKS is The National Organization of Battered Women´s Shelters in Sweden